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Damien Rice irl / Exclusief concert!
Sat 09.07 > 11.30 pm - 01 am

Professional melancholic Damien Rice seems a true fan of functional nudity: his bare voice alone sends heavy hearted listeners crying with empathy. In 'O' and '9', the Irish bard sings about ordinary frustrations of love and life with a sincere, raw emotionality seldom heard before. Finally, after 8 long years, Rice continues his gripping tale of misery with 'Favourite Faded Fantasy'.

The acoustic sound of his simple but renown songs like 'The Blower's Daughter', '9 Crimes' or his newest, 'The Greatest Bastard', clenches your throat: their unique way of making love aches sound beautiful are second to none. Rice's delicate songs and vocal brilliance will be in full glory in the intimate setting of the Minnewaterpark. Goosebumps guaranteed!