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SX b
Sun 10.07 > 8 pm - 9.10 pm

SX really lives up to their equally tempting and mysterious name. After their release of 'Black Video' in 2011, there has been no way around this band in the Belgian music scene. Stefanie Callebaut and Benjamin Desmet's curious mix of New-Wave and electropop instantly traveled the world as a teaser for their debut album 'Arche', with which they were more than able to meet the high expectations. Three years later, they're back with a new line up. Their latest album 'Alpha' (including the pre-released single 'Hurts') skilfully sails the same sea of enchanting pop songs filled with keyboards, organ, reverb and painfully beautiful vocals. SX is exciting and wild. They will knock your socks off, be careful!

© Photo: Zeb Daemen