Cactusfestival is also a culinary road trip! At our 'Mmm ... Market' you're entering a tempting world of amazing aromas and flavours!

Alma Libre
The name of this 'taqueria' does not only refer to the free soul that exploits it, but also to the way it connects the pure flavors of traditional Mexican cuisine with its experience. | Facebook

Balls & Glory
Balls & Glory serves you the world's tastiest meat & vegetarian balls: fair origin, oven-baked, hand-turned and famous for their delicious, liquid filling! | Facebook

Peace, love, Bocca! Bocca serves amazing Italian Pasta's and Pizza's in all sorts of flavours and variations! Something for everyone! | Facebook

Coffee bar on wheels
An espresso bar in an oldtimer Airstream caravan. Here you will find the best coffee according to the rules of barista art. From espresso and cappuccino to macchiato or real chocolate milk. | Facebook

Comme ma grand-mère
At Comme ma grand-mère you can eat delicious pancakes that taste just like the ones your grandmother used to make! Nostalgia for sweet teeth! | Facebook

A little snack at the start of your day, between concerts, for lunch or as a dessert? Croq'Odile makes delicious croques with or without meat, good for any occasion! | Facebook

A successful day at Cactusfestival starts with a good FONG! Four Bruges chefs serve Korean street food with balls. Fast festival food, which is prepared 'slow', expertly and with lots of love.

De Stoepa
A fixed value in Bruges. For the occasion in pop-up version so that non-Bruges people can also get to know their delicious, Asian-inspired kitchen full of woks and curries. | Facebook

Greenway's Feel Good Food
Greenway delights you with tasty vegetarian experiences. They let you discover the pure pleasure of a veggie lifestyle. Their ‘Thai Coconut Curry, Vegan Kebab Wrap and Pad Thai Noodles have become classics. | Facebook

Haar & Barbier
With a fresh cut to Cactus Festival? You can fix that at the festival site itself! Haar & Barbier will take care of your hair and on top of that, they’ll give you some styling advice! At Haar & Barbier they combine modern techniques with real craftmanship. | Facebook

IJsster Brugge
Ice-cream and sorbet for kids and foodies. Extra-ordinary flavours, made with love! | Facebook

Karibu takes care of an unconventional bite at Cactusfestival! They work with organic and healthy products with an exotic touch: crocodile, kangaroo, Iberico or a vegetarian alternative served in a tasty sandwich. | Facebook

Les filles du bord de mer
Straight from the coast! Fourire D’O brings the freshest fish from the North Sea to the Minnewaterpark, especially for the visitors of Cactusfestival! | Facebook

Lizzy in the sky with diamonds
The dreamy and cute food truck ‘Lizzy in the sky with diamonds’ spoils you wit homemade sweets, cakes and cupcakes. Their summery smoothies will give you an instant vitamin boost during the festival! | Facebook

Mr. Pitta
It's an unwritten rule; the recipe of a successful festival includes a well-filled Lebanese pitta. Mr. Pitta is at your beck and call!

Oyya Wafels
The classic Liège waffles get an extra touch at Oyya thanks to their delicious toppings! | Facebook

Qourgette meets La vie est belle
Qourgette meets La Vie Est Belle experiments with vegan and vegetarian food. Fresh and tasty veggie / vegan products that spoil your taste buds. Meanwhile you’re contributing to a sustainable world. Can it be even better? | | Facebook La Vie Est Belle | Facebook Qornr

Everything chicken: chicken on the spit, but with an extra touch! Juicy chicken wings, the one and only spitburger and a delicious spit potato, all with the most tender chicken meat you've ever eaten! | Facebook

What’s better than a large packet of French fries in a cone bag with a delicious doll of mayonnaise and a cold beer? Guilty pleasure? Maybe.. But absolutely necessary to get through the festival weekend! | Facebook

Fancy fresh handmade spring rolls, a beef noodle salad with tender sirloin or traditional Vietnamese spring rolls? Vietnamama cooks, bakes and rolls delicious Vietnamese street food. Healthy and made in a traditional way! | Facebook