The Bazaar is the culinary heart of Cactusfestival. You step into a wide and seductive world of flavors and scents. Also the place where beer in different varieties is on the menu.

A lively place, where you can also go for a wonderful massage or even clothing advice. And why not pop into the barbershop for a refreshing haircut or trim and then dive back into the festival like a reborn person?

In the overview below you will discover who will be present at Cactusfestival this year!

Café Pistolet


Café Pistolet provides crispy rolls with delicious toppings. In combination with a fresh beer, the ideal snack, right?

Que Tapa


With Que Tapa you imagine yourself in sunny Spain for a moment. There is a wide choice of tapas and paella and a vegetarian alternative. Ole!

Comme Ma Grand Mère


At Comme Ma Grand-Mère you can enjoy delicious pancakes the grandmother's way. Pure nostalgia for the sweet tooths among us!

Artan's Barber Shop


Taming those wild hairs during Cactusfestival? You're in the right place at Artan's Barbershop! Artan provides you with a new, stylish coupe in no time.

La Vie Est Belle


Healthy and especially tasty vegetarian dishes. The burgers, falafels and spreads are made from the best organic and local ingredients.



Everything chicken: chicken on a spit, but with an extra touch! Juicy chicken wings, the one and only spit burger & a delicious spit fries, all with the most tender chicken meat you've ever eaten!

Balls & Glory


Balls & Glory serves you the world's most delicious minced meat & vegetarian balls: honest origin, oven baked, hand turned and famous for their delicious, liquid filling!



Let yourself be pampered with a delicious BOCCA Pasta. Do you like meat or do you prefer vegan? For each his own! Peace - Love - Bocca



Today'Special serves handmade flatbread with Burgundian beef, Oriental chicken and a fresh topping. In addition, there are delicious appetizers, great to share with a drink.



What's better than a good pack of chips in a cone with a delicious dollop of mayonnaise and a cold beer? Maybe a bit of a guilty pleasure, but absolutely necessary to get through the festival weekend!



A quick snack at the start of your day, between concerts, for lunch or for dessert? Croq'Odile provides delicious croques with or without meat, good for any occasion!



A beautiful old-timer food truck, delicious pita with homemade seitan, nicely spiced chili sin carne ... all tasty and vegetarian!

Coffee Bar On Wheels

4 & 24

An espresso bar in an oldtimer Airstream caravan. Here you will find the best coffee according to the rules of the barista art.

Julie's MoBelle


Want to relax between all the festival crowds? A relaxing back massage at Julie's MoBelle works wonders! You can also come here for style advice.

Façon Jacmin


Façon Jacmin offers an authentic collection of garments, made entirely from Japanese denim and produced by denim specialists in Europe.

Miaow Miaow


All things Asian! The authentic taste of Asian food, Japanese Sushi, Takoyaki, Chinese wrap, and much more.

Les Filles Du Bord De Mer


Les Filles Du Bord De Mer comes from the sea, packed with kilos of 'fishing wisdom' and the freshest fish from the North Sea to the Minnewaterpark. Living verse, as we say, and delicious!

De Stoepa


A fixed value in Bruges. For the occasion in a pop-up version so that non-Brugge residents can also get acquainted with their delicious, Eastern-inspired kitchen full of woks and curries.



Greenway is coming to Cactus Festival with surprisingly tasty plant-based dishes! Taste their classics: Thai coconut curry, vegan kebab wrap and Pad Thai Noodles!

Mr. Pitta


It is an unwritten law: in the recipe of a successful festival, a well-filled Lebanese pita bread is an essential ingredient; mr. Pitta serves you with great craftsmanship at your beck and call!

IJsster Brugge

20 & 22

Ice cream and sorbet for kids & foodies. Not everyday seasonings, made with love. You taste that!

Waffe Bar Oyya


The classic Liège waffles get an extra touch at Oyya thanks to their delicious toppings!