Acces for children & teenagers up to the age of 14

Access and adult supervision

Depending on age the access conditions at Cactusfestival for children and teenagers up to the age of 14 differ and they may have to be accompanied by an adult who bears responsibility for them. Cactus Muziekcentrum cannot be held responsible for the care of children or the behaviour of minors in the festival park!

Please carefully read the access conditions by age category below.

If your child is younger than 2 then access is free and you can go straight to the visitors entrance.

Adult supervise,

This age group is only access to Cactusfestival (and all parts thereof) under the supervision of an adult ticket buyer, who at that time also acts as responsible.


For children from 2 up to and including 12 years access is free, provided registration at the kids counter.

Registration at the kids counter of the ticket counter

For the sake of safety and to be able to anticipate unexpected events, we keep a list of all children between 2 and 12 years old and their adult supervisor. The mobile number is also noted. This registration is mandatory on every day that you visit the festival and is done at the kids' counter of the ticket desk. After filling in the necessary information, the appropriate admission ticket will be issued.

• Per adult supervisor you can max. 3 children register.
• Make sure you can prove your child's age with a Kids-ID or ISI+ card.

If you pre-registered online, report to the kids desk 'Pre-registration' every day that you visit the festival, where the entered details will be checked and an appropriate ticket is given. Don't forget the Kids ID or ISI+ card !

In accordance with the GDPR provisions, all data will be deleted after the festival. These are not used for promotional purposes.

What if the festival is sold out?

If the festival were to sell out, access will still be possible for children up to and including 12 years, as long as the accompanying adult has a valid entrance ticket for that day.


For young people aged 13 and 14, admission is paying. They do not need to be registered.

Friday, July 5th

For the 2019 edition, tickets at a reduced price were only available on Saturday and Sunday for 13 and 14 year olds. On Friday they had to buy a regular ticket. Since Friday 05 July has meanwhile been sold out, there are unfortunately no more tickets available at a reduced price.

Saturday and Sunday, July 6th - 7th

On Saturday and Sunday young people aged 13 and 14 can buy a ticket at a reduced price: € 15 per day.

These tickets can only be bought at the day ticket office, after checking the age. So don't forget your Kids-ID or ISI+ card!

These tickets remain available subject to the max. capacity of the Minnewaterpark.

What if the festival is sold out?

Cactus Festival is sold out on Friday, also for 13 and 14 year olds. On Saturday and Sunday, however, 13 and 14 year olds can still buy a ticket at a reduced price at the ticket counter, subject to the max. the Minnewater Park.

If you come from far and want to be sure that you can still enter as a 13-14 year old, please contact the secretariat on 050 33 20 14.