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  • Sunday, July 10th



    After the enormous success of ‘Rats’ (2012) and ‘Thin Walls’ (2015), the bar was set high for Maarten Devolderen and Jinte Deprez, the song smiths behind Balthazar. After four years and solo excursions with Warhaus, J. Bernard and Zimmerman, the two frontmen started writing again, and a little while later, ‘Fever’ was born. It was a more exotic album than their previous work, featuring more funk and jazz, but still true to the band’s familiar sound. It has been worth the wait.

    The band’s leap years have been fruitful, and repeated that feat during the past lockdown years. Only two years after the release of ‘Fever’, Balthazar returned with fifth album ‘Sand’, another solid effort with that typical Balthazar sound. Just the thing we needed in uncertain times as these.

    Two new albums? That demands a passage at your favourite summer festival. After two years of postponements, Balthazar finally joins this summer’s 39th edition of the Cactusfestival. They’ll be headlining on Sunday July 10th, and you won’t want to miss out.