De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig

— nl

  • zaterdag 9 juli



    Ever since they made the soundtrack of a generation with ‘Watskeburt?!’, Faberyayo, Vieze Fur, Willie Wartaal and beatsmith Bas Bron have been putting their mark on the Lowlands music scene continuously. With indestructible hits like ‘Sterrenstof’, ‘Get Spanish’, ‘Manon’ and ‘Hollereer’ the Dutch hip-hop formation has become a part of our collective memory. Besides, for more than 15 years they have been deciding what’s hot and happening. Think of the underground label Burning Fik and Faberyayo’s solo work, Vieze Fur’s cooking show and TikTok-adventures and Fatima Yamaha, Bas Bron’s successful side project.

    But the pinnacle no doubt remains mothership De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig, which stands for inventiveness, catchiness, humour and rebellion. With a big dash of swagger and a healthy sense of public appeal, these guys from Amsterdam consistently turn every stage to ash.

    At Cactusfestival these eternal rascals come to kickstart a big party. Los gezelligitos, donde esta genietos!