Franz Ferdinand

— scot

  • Saturday, July 9th


    Franz Ferdinand
    © Foto: Donald Milne

    With their iconic debut album, Franz Ferdinand exploded onto the scene like a splinter bomb back in 2004. Their pulsating and hooky guitar rock and unique pop sensibilities saw the band quickly become festival headliners. In the mean time, the band ignited a guitar revival with their fresh mix of indie, post-punk and art rock. Their next albums ‘You Could Have It So Much Better…’ (2005), ‘Tonight’ (2009) and ‘Always Ascending’ (2021) saw the band evolve and grow. As an aside, the band released another record with cult rock band Sparks under the FFS moniker.

    And all of that for a band which just wanted to “make music for girls to dance to”, according to frontman Alex Kapranos. For those who grew up in the nillies, Franz Ferdinand isn’t a band, but an institution that held up a mirror to to rock-focused dance machines like Justice, Boys Noize and Erol Alkan. The band with a just as recognizable sound as visual aesthetic. The sound of a generation! In 2022, Franz Ferdinand is a band that has been reinventing itself without ever losing itself. A tight and well-drilled party machine touring the recently released greatest hits compilation ‘Hits To The Head’. Because if there’s one thing Franz Ferdinand has, it’s hits: ‘Take Me Out!’, ‘The Dark Of The Matinée’! ‘Walk Away’! ‘Ulysses’!

    All together now: “this fire is out of control, I’m gonna burn this city!’ Cactusfestival, get ready to be set ablaze!

    We’re so lucky. Oh so lucky.