Intergalactic Lovers

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  • Friday, July 8th


    Intergalactic Lovers

    13 years since they started out, Intergalactic Lovers are front and center of the Belgian music scene yet again. The indie-pop band spearheaded by Lara Chedraoui just released ‘Liquid Love’, a well-received fourth effort that features potential Belpop classic ‘Bobbi’.

    The quartet, which makes all decisions as a unit without a singular leader, aims to get the audience moving around on the dancefloor. To that end, it enlisted Luuk Cox, aka Shameboy, as a producer on ‘Liquid Love’, adding a big dose of experience in the dance, electronica and pop scenes. The recording process was made harder by Lara’s COVID-infection and a brutal rehabilitation after that.

    But it all paid off in the end. Through Cox’ experience, patience and hard work, the band managed to make perhaps their best record yet. Recognizably Intergalactic Lovers, yet as fresh and exciting as ever. Yet another reason to invite one of Belgium’s most consistent bands back to Cactusfestival.