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  • Saturday, July 9th


    © Foto: Tatsiana Tribunalova

    As daughter of a father from Martinique and a Belgian Congolese mother, K.ZIA has traveled all around the world as a kid and was submerged in a bath of music and circus. It gave the Brussels born and Berlin based artist her unique view on art and life itself. Whether it was as backing singer in the band of her mother (Zap Mama’s Marie Daulne), or as performer in the incredible shows of her father (Bernard Quental, famed acrobat with Cirque du Soleil), K.ZIA was practically born on stage.

    This spectrum of influences characterizes K.ZIA’s music. Her mix of alternative R&B, soul, pop, trap and afrobeats blends influences and genres and unites people from different backgrounds, with the purpose of celebrating music, sending love and creating a safe space where everyone can be free. She describes herself as an ‘Afro-European mineral’, a mix of cultures.

    K.ZIA’s debut album ‘Genesis’ and accompanying single ‘I Got Your Back’ did not go unnoticed by press and audience alike. Her live shows, as headliner or support for acts like Sampa The Great, Omar Lyefook and Kota The Friend, make her international fanbase grow rapidly as well. Whoever sees K.ZIA on stage knows; she was not simply born on it, but also made for it.