Meskerem Mees

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  • Friday, July 8th



    As soon as Meskerem Mees starts to sing, something magical happens. With only her voice, acoustic guitar and cello she makes a song bloom into an irresistible folk-pop pearl. Her dreamy debut single ‘Joe’ gathered acclaim nationally and abroad, and the following ‘Seasons Shift’ and ‘Astronaut’ confirmed her outstanding talent. It already brought her to many beautiful places all over Europe, including Berlin, Paris and – as cherry on top – the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival at the lake of Genève.

    Meanwhile there’s the debut album ‘Julius’ with on it 13 songs that, were they written half a century ago, might as well have come from the pen of say Bob Dylan or Joni Mitchell. Less is more on ‘Julius’. Meskerem’s disarming songwriting and the virtuous musical interplay with Febe are front and center. The sum makes ‘Julius’ nothing less than an instant classic. One that has everything to do what its illustrious namesake almost achieved centuries ago: conquer Europe. And who knows, perhaps the world.