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  • Sunday, July 10th


    © Foto: Charlie De Keersmaecker

    Since their silver medal at Humo’s Rock Rally 2014, Nordmann has become a household name in the Belgian music scene. Their combination of impro-jazz and the power of rock is a big hit both on festival stages as on record. The band-members’ solo-adventures (Mattias Decraene, Elias) and collaborations (Dijf Sanders, MDCIII, Hypchristmutreefuzz) have made Nordmann into one of the country’s most branched out bands.

    For their most recent record, ‘In Velvet’, the band moved to Unday Records and enlisted top producer Jasper Maekelberg (Faces On TV, Douglas Firs, Soldier’s Heart, Tsar B, Warhola, Balthazar), who was also responsible for the production of Nordmann’s debut album. The result is a coherent, compact sounding album that’s full of the individual band members’ personal evolution. Songs and melody are front and center, while new instruments like drum computers and synths allow the band’s wildest ideas to come to life. It wasn’t just critics who warmed to ‘In Velvet’: the album was warmly welcomed by audiences alike.