Richard Hawley

— uk

  • Sunday, July 10th


  • Exclusive concert!

Richard Hawley
© Foto: Chris Saunders

Immediately recognizable through his immortal quiff and characterful crooning style, Richard Hawley is a songwriter, guitarist and rock & roll romantic who evokes the spirit of both Roy Orbison and Frank Sinatra.

After some time with britpop-institution Pulp, Hawley released his solo debut ‘Late Night Final’ in 2001. Seven more albums were to follow, with ‘Cole’s Corner’, ‘Lady’s Bridge’ featuring the hit song ‘Tonight The Streets Are Ours’. Hawley is also a much requested collaborater, having worked with Arctic Monkeys, Nancy Sinatra, Elbow and Manic Street Preachers among many others.

Carefully avoiding trends and musical era’s, Richard Hawley has carved his very own place within the music world. From melancholy ballads to psychedelic jams, he brings the repertoire and the attitude needed to have an unforgettable festival night.