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  • Sunday, July 10th


  • Exclusive concert!


1992. Two Oxford lads, singer and guitarist Gaz Coombes and drummer Danny Goffey, start a band called The Jennifers. Not much later, Gaz’ brother Rob joins on keys, alongside new bassist Mick Quinn. The Jennifers becomes Supergrass, and by 1995, the quartet have created the year’s biggest summer hit with ‘Alright’, off their debut album ‘I Should Coco’. The indie rock band get noticed through their energy and humour, both in their music and their music videos. References to The Beatles and Roxy Music are never far off.

After ‘I Should Coco’, five more albums would be released to great success. Hits like ‘Pumping On Your Stereo’ and ‘Moving’ turn out to be hits that have become part of our collective memory. In 2010, however, Supergrass announce that the band is calling it quits.

2020. After ten years, Supergrass are set to go back on the road, with a Glastonbury performance due to be a particular highlight. The year of the comeback is forced to make way for the pandemic however, and any touring plans are indefinitely postponed. Until now! In 2022, you’ll finally be able to see Supergrass perform in Belgium, on July 10th at Cactusfestival. See our friends, see the sights. Feel alright!