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— uk

  • Sunday, July 10th


  • Exclusive concert!

© Foto: Gullick

Since 2011, TRAAMS has been the cleverest kid in the British guitar class. With their sharp combo of motoric drums, dissonant guitars and hypnotic bass lines, the band adds kraturock, shoegaze and postpunk to a blender to create a catchy and exciting result. TRAAMS – a military acronym for ‘Time Reference Angle of Arrival Measurement System’ paved the way for the 2010’s postpunk revival, together with contemporaries as Eaguls, Iceage, Gilla Band and Preoccupations. They’ve become hugely influential to recent guitar bands, and their two albums ‘Modern Dancing’ and ‘Grin’ have become cult records among indie fans. On stage, the band loves to deliver nothing but uppercuts, perfect to kick off the third day of our festival.