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  • Sat, July 13th


    With their sultry mix of indie, subtle electronica and ‘saudade’, Ão conquered many a musical heart. The band is a sum greater than its parts. Frontwoman Brenda Corijn draws on her Mozambican-Portuguese roots with her phenomenal voice. Guitarist Siebe Chau draws subtle and southern guitar parts around her. Percussionist Bert Pfeyffers provides the rhythm on his drum kit slash brocant shop. In doing so, the whole thing is kept in check by producer Jolan Decaestecker, who himself adds thin shreds of ambient to the mix. When everything comes together, Ão sounds like no other.

    Ão broke through in 2023 with their single ‘Mulher‘ and accompanying album ‘Ao Mar‘, selling out bigger and bigger venues all over the country. They are also scoring abroad, including a hotly anticipated spot as the opening act of dEUS. And for those wondering what exactly Ão [ɐ͂w̃] means: depending on how you pronounce it, it can express different things: something beautiful, something sad or painful, wonder, or just total nonsense. Although we find the latter a little less applicable.