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  • Sat, July 13th


    What started as the intimate bedroom project of Catherine Smet (vocals/guitar) soon grew into BLUAI, a full-fledged band featuring, alongside Smet, Caitlin Talbut on bass and Mo Govaerts on drums. They create lyrics that carry a perfume of americana, country pop and indie folk, with nods to the work of Alabama Shakes, Haim and Pinegrove.

    After winning Humo’s Rock Rally, Sound Track and De Nieuwe Lichting, our country’s three biggest music competitions, the trio’s debut ‘Save It For Later‘ really gets them up to cruising speed. The record, with international allure, is the soundtrack to a nostalgic childhood film in autumnal tones. As if Big Thief’s Adrienne Lenker had created her own Boygenius at the behest of Lady Bird director Greta Gerwig. BLUAI’s maturing years are over, the ladies are all set to conquer the Belpop scene AND Cactus Festival!