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  • Fri, July 12th


    Less than a decade after taking his first steps as a musician, Brihang has become an artist of such stature that really does not need any introduction. The quirky rapper almost immediately brought down the walls of his genre and managed to incidentally charm an ever-growing audience. The sculptor-of-training is living proof that artistic integrity need not stand in the way of a successful breakthrough. His singles are eagerly played on all radio stations, he has several gold records hanging on his wall and got just about every pop temple in our country (including Cactus Club) filled to the brim.

    Brihang can therefore boast a rock-solid oeuvre in the year 2024. His debut album, the experimental ‘Zolangmogelijk‘ (2016), clearly bears the signature of the young maestro he was at the time. On successor ‘Casco‘ (2019), we can then hear again the voice of a self-assured artist who has found his sound and wants to definitively anchor his place in the gallery of honour. Now there is ‘Droomvoeding‘ (2023), with tasted singles ‘Tussenin‘ and ‘Telefoontje‘, with Brihang once again finding himself in the unexplored territory of a new phase of life: the delicate balancing act between taking care of his young family and pursuing a career. A career that brings him to Cactus Festival this summer, for a West Flanders home match!