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Brittany Howard

— us

  • Sat, July 13th


  • Exclusive concert!

As frontwoman of Alabama Shakes, Brittany Howard sent an earthquake through the US roots & rock scene in 2012 with debut album ‘Boys & Girls‘ and in 2015 with follow-up ‘Sound & Colour‘. Carried by her voice – a force of nature with soul that oozes and with which you can blow down an average Flemish family home – singles like ‘Hold on‘, ‘Don’t Wanna Fight‘ and ‘Shoegaze‘ shot through the alternative charts like a rocket. In homeland USA, the band collected no less than four Grammys and 16 nominations.

On her 2019 solo debut ‘Jaime‘, she completely opened up her sound to an eclectic mix of 60s R&B, neo-soul, synth-rock, jazz and hip-hop beats, resulting in a Grammy for the single ‘Stay High‘. Themes like identity, religion, racism and gender formed the common thread of the album, which smoothly found its way to end-of-year lists but failed to make it to successive festival summers given the corona pandemic.

But don’t worry, Brittany Howard will make it to the festival summer of 2024, with a new album: ‘What Now‘. A guarantee for an eclectic and overwhelming musical party, exclusively at Cactusfestival!