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Cat Power Sings Dylan ’66

— us

  • Sun, July 14th


  • Exclusive concert!

Cat Power – the alter ego of Chan Marshall – comes to Cactus Festival with a reinterpretation of Dylan’s ‘Royal Albert Hall Concert. A legendary concert that caused controversy in 1966 because of its partly non-acoustic/electric nature, which at the time was absolutely not done in the widely popular folk scene.

Cat Power is an artist whose cover of other people’s work occupies an important place in her oeuvre, but never before did she go into her work with such depth and passion. Growing up with the Dylan records her parents put on at home, Marshall knows the singer-poet’s work practically by heart. Through a faithful setlist featuring some of Dylan’s greatest classics, her deep respect for the source material and original arrangements and her inevitable vocal timbre of her own, Cat Power breathes new life into the legend. The live album ‘Cat Power Sings Dylan: The 1966 Royal Albert Hall Concert‘ proves that the magic of the moment is still alive and kicking more than 56 years after the date.

Judas!” shouted someone in the audience when Cat Power girded the electric guitar for a song-for-song reinterpretation of the 1966 concert at the same Albert Hall in 2022. Just what Dylan got thrown at the head that conscious night in 1966. “Jesus,” she riposted. And so it is.