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The Comet Is Coming

— uk

  • Sun, July 9th


  • Exclusive concert!

Inspired by ‘arkestral cosmic forces’, saxophone master Shabaka Hutchins explores mind expanding spaces where spacey synths meet rousing sax tones and pounding drum beats. The Comet is Coming is his third project, alongside Sons of Kemet and Shabaka & The Ancestors, and it’s also the Londoners most danceable project, coming straight from the epicentre of the bustling UK Jazz scene.

Evoking the spirit of Sun Ra, Shabaka and collaborators ‘Danalogue’ (synth) and ‘Betamax’ (drums) open a portal to new universes and other dimensions. Latest album ‘Hyper-Dimensional Expansion Beam’ is a fearless exploration of new sonic worlds. Their concert at the AB in April turned into one giant space rave, so who will crack the code and join their atomic wave dance at Cactusfestival?