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  • Sat, July 8th


    With a sound that’s just made to bounce off of glaciers, Norwegian band Madrugada dominated their homecountry’s rock scene at the start of the century. Frontman’s Sivert Høyem’s enchanting bariton is backed wonderfully by the band’s soulful melancholy and dark film noir, earning a lot of acclaim with both fans and critics. It has made the band one of the most alternative acts from that time period, bathing in majestic sorrow and intensity.

    Madrugada isn’t a band who were left unscathed. In 2007, guitarist and songwriter Robert Burås was found dead in his appartment, guitar in hand. It led to the band releasing ‘Madrugada’ (2008), a record full of loss and rage, which signalled their farewell from the music world.

    After a succesful solo career, frontman Sivert Høyem announced that Madrugada would be reuniting in 2019, leading to a sold out AB. A new album followed, ‘Chimes at Midnight’, picking up perfectly where the band had left off in 2008. The band may not be unscathed, but they’re not done either. Exclusive concert!