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Róisín Murphy

— irl

  • Sun, July 9th


    Róisín Murphy’s career has been one of immense variety: from full-blown pop star with Moloko to adventurous left-field scenester and just about everything inbetween, she’s proven to be one of the most innovative and restless artists the UK has to offer. Hits like ‘The Time is Now’, ‘Sing it Back’, and ‘Familiar Feeling’ can endlessly be put on repeat, without ever losing their shine, and with her solo career Murphy just keeps on reinventing herself.

    Her particular brand of disco and house sees Murphy create a unique visual story, both in her artwork as well as on stage, opening previously locked avenues for a new generation of strong and independent pop diva’s. But in everything she does, Murphy has always remained a club kid first and foremost. Extravagant, colourful and with a DIY-mentality, she has cast off the industry defining pop sheen to create something truly her own.

    New single ‘CooCool’, another collaboration with Berlin DJ Koze, proves once again that Róisín Murphy is the ultimate pop star meets cricital darling. There won’t be anyone left not dancing during this performance, that’s for sure