Meteen naar de inhoud


— uk

  • Sun, July 9th


  • Exclusive concert!

Shame is a roudy bunch of noise makers from London, who got catapulted straight to the front of the post-punk revival thanks to debut album ‘Songs of Praise’ (2018). Since then, their every move has been followed closely by music lovers all over. Whether it’s the darker follow-up ‘Drunk Tank Pink’ (2021), which deals with the panic attacks caused by the pressure of a sudden rise to fame, or the soon to release ‘Food for Worms’ (2023), which the band announced as ‘The Lamborghini of Shame records’, the band just keeps getting better and better. And still there’s this lingering feeling that they are yet to reach their ultimate form.

Flexible, intense, smart without being arrogant. A band that keeps reinventing themselves without abandoning the fans of their earliest works. Shame carries a massive live reputation, with highly flammable live shows that easily avoid the bravado that plenty of guitar bands seem to fall back on. ‘Food for Worms’ sees Shame step away from their post-punk foundations, namedropping Lou Reed and German nineties band Blumfeld as inspirations. Exclusive concert!