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Tsar B

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  • Sun, July 9th


    Justine Bourgeus is a musician, producer and composer who creates groundbreaking pop music under her Tsar B monniker. Her work often crosses boundaries, merging with the worlds of film, dance and fashion. Her early career saw Bourgeus grab the limelight as violinist in multiple indie bands like School is Cool. Tsar B became her solo outlet, a place where she could combine her love of electronic pop productions with her passion for classical music. She went viral with her track ‘Escalate’, which was the foundation for a passionate choreography on the American version of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, and she has worked with people like Alexander Chung, Oscar and the Wolf, and Mauro Pawlowski. Last March saw the release of her second album, ‘To the Stars’, a new chapter in the story of one of our most forward-thinking pop artists.