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  • Sat, July 13th


    With Warhaus, Maarten Devoldere tears away from the mother ship Balthazar on a regular basis. Devoldere combines hip grooves, sharp hooks and singalong choruses with timeless arrangements and the class of French seventies cinema. It earned him comparisons with the moody and atmospheric work of Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits and the brooding romanticism of Serge Gainsbourg, and made Warhaus one of the most tasted belpop acts of the moment.

    After ‘We Fucked a Flame into Being‘ (2016) and ‘Warhaus‘ (2017), Devoldere is ready for its third longplayer, the break-up record ‘Ha Ha Heartbreak‘, for which it once again took top producer Jasper Maekelberg under its wing. Singles ‘Open Window‘, ‘It Had To Be You‘, ‘Desire‘ and ‘Time Bomb‘ quickly found their way to the radio waves and helped to sell out concert tours beforehand. Meanwhile, as a bonus, we received the new single ‘Popcorn‘, with the sensual vocals of Sylvie Kreusch, and Warhaus confirms its coming to Cactusfestival to mend all broken hearts.