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  • Sun, July 14th


  • Exclusief concert!

Katie Crutchfield grew up in Alabama, near Waxahatchee Creek. The singer-songwriter already has six albums to her name, with her sound evolving from lo-fi folk to generous alt-country and back. What always remained the same is her voice: sincere and warm, with a slight Southern accent in the background. Among indie rock fans and critics, Waxahatchee has been in the top drawer for a while.

Four years after her breakthrough album ‘Saint Cloud‘, Waxahatchee returns with ‘Tigers Blood‘, partly produced by MJ Lenderman of the shoegaze band Wednesday. ‘Tigers Blood‘ beckons with classic country à la Emmylou Harris and the Southern rock of Drive By Truckers. After years of life on the road, a life like a rollercoaster taking its toll, Crutchfield is sober and settled in Kansas City. Ready to both look back and forward and create her best work yet. Exclusive concert at Cactus Festival.