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Whispering Sons

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  • Sat, July 13th


    Belgian pride Whispering Sons is one of our country’s most powerful live bands, with an impressive international track record as a result. Their blistering mix of post-punk and new wave already delivered two ultra-exciting albums with ‘Image‘ (2018) and ‘Several Others‘ (2021), which allowed this hard-working band to tour all over the world.

    Frontwoman Fenne Kuppens unleashes her devils, with bellowing howl and menacing stride, and in the background the rhythm section pumps black cabbage and synths and guitars fire cutting salvos at each other. Whispering Sons live is no walk in the park, but an exercise in suspense and balancing on the edge of the ravine. On their latest album ‘The Great Calm‘ (2024), the band lets in a dash of light for the first time. But the monster continues to stare at you from the shadows.

    Whispering Sons presents ‘The Great Calm‘ at a sold-out Roma, Cactus Club and Botanique. Encore at Cactus Festival!