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Ticket info

Ticket types & prices

Regular tickets

There are 1 day tickets, 2-day tickets and 3-day tickets available.

A 1 day ticket for friday or saturday in presale costs €75 (€2 handling cost excluded*)
A 1 day ticket for friday or saturday at door price costs €90 (€2 handling cost excluded*)

A 1 day ticket for sunday in presale costs €85 (€2 handling cost excluded*)
A 1 day ticket for sunday at door price costs €100 (€2 handling cost excluded*)

A 2-day ticket for friday & saturday in presale costs €130 (€2 handling cost excluded*)
A 2-day ticket for friday & saturday at door price costs €160 (€2 handling cost excluded*)

A 2-day ticket for saturday & sunday in presale costs €135 (€2 handling cost excluded*)
A 2-day ticket for saturday & sunday at door price costs €165 (€2 handling cost excluded*)

A 3-day ticket in presale costs €160 (€2 handling cost excluded*)
A 3-day ticket at door price costs €195 (€2 handling cost excluded*)

Kids and junior tickets

For children aged 2 to 12 and youngsters aged 13 to 14, there are kids and junior tickets available at a lower price. Depending on the age, admission to Cactusfestival for children and youngsters varies and supervision by an adult may or may not be required. Check the info on access for children and youngsters via this page.

Tickets for people with a disability
People with a disability have to purchase a regular festival ticket. An adapted service is offered, more info can be found on this page.

The presale ends on Thursday July 11 at 23h59. From then on, tickets will only be available at door price via our website.

Order your tickets via this page.

*There is a handling cost per ticket charged by our ticket provider, this fee depends on the net price of the ticket and will be communicated at the start of the ordering process.

Availability & points of sale

  • Tickets are available while stocks last via this website.
  • On Thursday 11 July at 23h59, presale ends and will be switched to door prices.
  • During the festival, it will not be possible to buy kids and junior tickets at the door. This can only be done online (via desktop or smartphone). Check the info on access for children and young people via this page.

Sales Conditions

General sales conditions

  • 1. Cactusfestival uses the software of Tickoweb to sell tickets.
  • 2. Only tickets purchased through outlets recognized by Cactusfestival offer you the assurance that you will be able to attend the event. Tickets purchased elsewhere may be counterfeit, duplicated, or overpriced. Cactusfestival cannot take any responsibility for this. For complete certainty, it is therefore best to buy your tickets directly via the website or on the website of our official partner Ticketswap via
  • 3. The person making the purchase is considered the sole purchaser. Only they are bound to pay, even if the tickets are to be delivered to a third party.
  • 4. The tickets are temporarily reserved when you place an order. The tickets will only be sent after receipt of the correct payment. The tickets will be released again if the order and/or payment has not been completed correctly.
  • 5. Tickets will be sent by email to the address provided in the order.
  • 6. Tickets and reservation costs can be paid by bank card (bancontact), online banking or credit card (Visa, American Express, Mastercard).
  • 7. Tickets sold will not be taken back and refunded by Cactusfestival.
  • 8. Loss or theft of the festival ticket is the buyer’s responsibility and does not give rise to a replacement or refund.
  • 9. Depending on the age, admission to Cactusfestival for children and youngsters varies and supervision by an adult may or may not be required. Carefully read the access rules per age category via this page. Cactusfestival can always deny access to the festival to visitors under the age of 13 without adult supervision. In that case, tickets will not be refunded.
  • 10. Festival tickets may not be used for commercial or promotional purposes without permission from the organiser. It is also expressly forbidden to develop any promotional or commercial activity on the festival site without the prior permission of the organiser.
  • 11. Counterfeiting of the festival ticket will be prosecuted.
  • 12. The organizer and/or the official ticket distributor reserves the right to verify the identity of the festival visitor.
  • 13. Cactusfestival uses all reasonable means to keep the information on its website complete, correct and up-to-date. However, it does not provide any guarantee in this regard, and can never be held liable for direct or indirect damage that someone might suffer as a result of visiting or using the website, unless that person has proven intent or serious error on the part of Cactusfestival. . Cactusfestival is not liable for force majeure that delays or prevents the implementation of this agreement. The following are among others but not limited to force majeure: strike, natural disasters, flood, fire, occupation, extreme weather conditions, government measures, technical defects. Cactusfestival is not required to provide proof of the unforeseeable or unavoidable nature of such a force majeure situation.
  • 14. The customer expressly agrees to provide true, accurate, current and complete information about itself as requested on the registration form. Cactusfestival reserves the right, if it has reasonable suspicions that the information provided is incorrect, incomplete or outdated, to suspend or refuse the requested transaction. This data can be kept in order to guarantee the proper functioning of its services. They may also be used by the organizer for marketing purposes. Any customer who proves his identity is entitled to access his personal data and to make improvements thereto, subject to a prior dated and signed written request.
  • 15. These general terms and conditions govern the entire contractual relationship between Cactusfestival and the customer, with the exclusion of the customer’s general terms and conditions. Any amendment or deviation from this or any addition must be the subject of a written agreement. Cactusfestival’s failure to exercise its rights stipulated in these general terms and conditions cannot be regarded as a waiver of its right to do so in the future. Cactusfestival has the right to change these general terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice. The changes will take effect from the moment they appear on the website, unless otherwise stated. The relationships between the customer and Cactusfestival are governed solely by Belgian law. Any disputes will be submitted to the competent courts in Bruges. The parties expressly accept electronic means (e-mail, fax, etc.) as means of proof in their mutual relations.

Refund and exchange of tickets

Paid tickets will not be refunded or taken back under any circumstances.

It is possible to upgrade your ticket: from 1 day ticket to 2 day ticket or 3 day ticket ticket or from 2 day ticket to 3 day ticket. If you want to upgrade your ticket please mail to

Please note: it is not possible to upgrade to a ticket type that is sold out.

Ticket Fraud

You are only sure of a valid and safe ticket if you buy tickets through the official channels: this website or

Do not buy tickets through other channels.
If you still want to resell your ticket or if you plan to buy a ticket through an unofficial channel, Cactusfestival does not accept any responsibility.

Never accept offers via Facebook or other social media, especially from abroad. There is a good chance that you will pay for a ticket that does not exist and that you will not hear from the provider afterwards.

Do not post an image of your ticket on social media where the barcode is clearly visible.

If you have any questions or doubts about tickets, always email our helpdesk first:

Entrance Cactusfestival

Entering the festival site implies consent to all preventive and control measures taken by the organizer or the security team, including possible scanning and investigation of a person search. Failure to comply with these measures will result in refusal or withdrawal of access rights.


• Changes to the program do not give rise to a full or partial refund of the festival ticket. Liability of the organizer in cases of force majeure is excluded.

• The artists and organizers of the festival cannot be held liable for damage, loss or theft, nor for any incidental accident.

• Cactus Muziekcentrum cannot be held responsible at any time for the actions of minors in the festival park!

• The organizers cannot be held liable for any damage at the campsite, as they are not the operators of the campsite. Complaints about the campsite can be directed to the campsite owner (


Official sales of merchandising only take place within the festival site.

Ticket helpdesk

Once the payment of your order has been successfully completed, we will send you an email with your ticket(s).

Save them on your smartphone or print the tickets (pdf) and bring them with you to Cactusfestival, it’s your only entry ticket.


Can’t find your ticket in your mailbox?

Go to this page: Tickets Cactusfestival

> Click ‘help’ on the right

> Enter the e-mail address with which the tickets were purchased to receive the confirmation e-mail again.


Is it still not working or do you have other questions?

Contact our helpdesk at If possible, please include your name and order number so we can help you quickly.