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Jan Franssen

Cactusfestival as instant inspiration for atmospheric paintings and the famous fluorescent tree! Check the website for more information about the artist.

Collectief Der Onberkten

The emphasis within this artists' collective, whose name freely translates as ‘Collective of the Unlimited’, located at House Of Time in Bruges, is on experiment. They immerse themselves in spatial work, but also drawing, painting and other techniques are being considered. They work with stone, wood, metal and other materials.The collective is accessible to everyone with a craving for artistic exploration, fun group activities, and projects, etc. Discover their art pieces this year at the new site Panorama!


Tentakel is a collective of creatives, artists, professionals and volunteers who passionately join forces to turn a concept into a total experience. In addition to the well-known Skybar and Green Lounge, they will put up a few new creative features in the park.


TOTE makes playful and digital impressions of the festival audience at the new site Panorama! Immortalize your festival visit with a nice keepsake!


Herman, a creation by Forchette, is keeping an eye on the visitors at the bridge between the Minneterpark and the Bargeplein.