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Sat, July 8th

The Libertines

Since burying the hatchet in 2015, Carl Barât and Pete Doherty have left The Libertines’ tumultuous history behind. After the inevitable implosion of the band due to years of self-destruction and tabloid fodder, Britain’s sharpest writing duo of the past two decades was reunited at… Lees verder »The Libertines


With a sound that’s just made to bounce off of glaciers, Norwegian band Madrugada dominated their homecountry’s rock scene at the start of the century. Frontman’s Sivert Høyem’s enchanting bariton is backed wonderfully by the band’s soulful melancholy and dark film noir, earning a lot… Lees verder »Madrugada

The Vaccines

Since releasing twelve hits on one album with their 2011 debut ‘What Did You Expect From The Vaccines’, this British guitar rock band has been every festival’s secret weapon to make the crowd go wild. Songs like ‘Post Break-Up Sex’, ‘If You Wanna’ and ‘Norgaard’… Lees verder »The Vaccines

The Haunted Youth

Joachim Liebens is a songwriter from Hasselt, and his The Haunted Youth is one of our country’s biggest revelations in recent years. Debut single ‘Teen Rebel’ turned out to be a smash hit, and was played intensely on radio stations here and abroad, helped by… Lees verder »The Haunted Youth


As superwoman Merol, Merel Baldé makes pop music that comforts, empowers, puts doubt on the table, but also gets down to party. Instantly recognizable to anyone who is young, or has been young, with the force of a millennial who’s living life to the fullest… Lees verder »Merol


Portland’s hazey dreampop was an immediate hit in Belgium. From the friendly, at times amorous, yet mostly fragile connection between Jente Pironet and Sarah Pepels, emerged a unique musical project, with the personal and creative interplay between to contradictory people at its centre. Their early… Lees verder »Portland

High Hi

In only a couple of years, High-Hi has become one of belpop’s worst kept secrets. With instant hits like ‘Daggers’, ‘Alligot’ and ‘94A9’, combined with their boundless enthusiasm, the trio has burst through the boundaries set by the lockdowns around the release of breakthrough album… Lees verder »High Hi